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I Stay, I Go


25th October 2002

9:13am: I need warmth in my belly first thing in the morning so when the chill descended- out came the coffee machine. Zakk was thrilled- he reveres all things mechanical. He'd happily set it up every night; new filter, 2 scoops of coffee grinds, water. Then he'd set the timer for 6:30 a.m. and even have a wee cup himself before he dashed off for his bus.

This lasted a week.

My stomach protested. The coffee left a slow insidious burning sensation in my gut all morning. Graah. Now what? I abhor tea. It always leaves a ghastly after-taste in my throat. I reached for the chicken bouillon. It was a ho-hum kind of reaching, a 'I'm settling for you' kind of reaching, a 'you're going to disappoint me, aren't you' kind of reaching. I boiled the water, added it to my favorite salmon-colored mug, stabbed mercilessly at the hard cube until I could no longer detect it and then my eyes wandered to my right where my prized Basil plant grew bushy and tall. I smile crept over my face as I plucked off some juicy fat leaves and started to shred them into my steaming broth. I let them steep for a few minutes and then put my lips to the new concoction. mmmm mmmm MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.........

What an ingenious wench I am.
5:10pm: I just had to delete someone whose posts consist mainly of belittling other people.

I simply have no time for that.

It hurts a little though co's I felt very close to him once. But I cannot participate, even silently, in the degradation of others.

It's not in me.
7:04pm: oh.my.god.

My face is getting furry.

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