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I Stay, I Go


28th October 2002

10:07am: I have one end of a tissue scrunched up my right nostril and the other end stuffed into my left nostril. Does anyone else do this when their nose is running? Yes, I'm sick. I am soooo tempted to blame Michael since he spent the afternoon on Vashon Saturday sneezing excessively and never once bothered to cover his mouth. I could actually see the shower of germ-laden spit spray from his mouth each time. Two hours of that and my throat was screaming and sore, my eyes watering and my energy deflated. Spent the day home in bed yesterday milking this for all it's worth. "Zakk? *snifflesniffle* Where's the bell? *whinewhine* It wasn't in my hand 2 minutes before I rang it asking for broth. Then *tinkletinkle* "Bring me some medicine please?" *tinkletinkle* "Turn the heat on?" "Turn the heat off?" "Some creamy pesto cup o noodles please?" He never complained, just dutifully set out to do my bidding.

It's kind of nice being sick sometimes. I like being taken care of.
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