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I Stay, I Go


6th November 2002

10:01am: Winning does not tempt that man.
This is how he grows: by being defeated, decisively
by constantly greater beings.

10:55am: Well, Belle broke down again. Ther WENCH!!! *shakes fist* Cripe, she lasted 2 weeks this time. Good going old girl!
Oh yea, Belle's my car. An '89 Ford Taurus. Have I mentioned that
FORD SUUUUUUUUCCCCKKS!!!!!! Oh yes yes YES they do. The thing is, this is just about the only thing that makes my usually high-spirits PLUMMET TO THE WRETCHED DEPTHS OF MY SOUL. I know that sounds kinda strong. But it's true. It's because my car signifies my very freedom to me. I feel like my world shrinks around me when I'm carless. The boundless expanse that I so love now shrivels to the claustrophia of my own neighborhood. I feel utterly imprisoned.

"Oh shuddUP lady- just get on a bus and stop whining" but you see, *hands clasped, now pleading* I ABHOR BUSES because they are Mighty-Time-Suckaging-Devices-Of-DOOM!!!!

Another day of work missed because of her.

And I'm too miserable to enjoy it.


I need to learn something here.....


HAHAA!! No sooner had I said "I need to learn something here." when I clicked on my friends page and immediately saw this from raven...

"Do not become swollen with pride or triumph or despondent over defeat. Good fortune or bad fortune is unimportant. The vicissitudes of life are but the means to shape your character. If you suffer adversity and react in the proper way, in the long run you will be benefited as fully as though you had good fortune."

Ohh BOY- I love Life.... xx
11:16am: As always, I love mychopsticks attitude here. xx
2:50pm: Your weary head spilled back over the chair.

I reached out to stroke your hair a couple of times.

What I really wanted to do was

lean down

and kiss your forehead

and then your nose

and then your mouth.
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