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I Stay, I Go


11th November 2002

9:15am: O Frivilous day....
I love what anoisblue writes here re: What's HOT about men...

HOT is...

confident.. sometimes bossy.. aware.. intelligent.. creative.. strong.. capable.. sensual.. tuned into body language.. sometimes mysterious.. not always talkative, but plenty talkative when it counts.. really gets into a deep, meandering conversation.. honest.. blunt but not unkind.. daring.. knows how to make "mmmmm" sound like a sexy growl.. isn't afraid of eye contact.. safe, but not too safe.. take charge.. appreciative.. bold.. knows what he wants, and uses charm to get it.. sometimes aggressive, sometimes not..

oh, yeah, and a really great kisser.


I'm coming up with my own list and


What's HOT for you..?
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