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I Stay, I Go


11th December 2002

11:19am: I recently had a brief rendevous with my mother on the sidewalk outside of her apt building. I hadn't seen her in 2 years. I wanted to make a memorable entrance so driving up was out of the question. Instead I parked ol' Belle at the McDonalds around the block and as I rounded her corner about a block away from where she stood waiting, I started to skip and twirl, skip and spin, with my arms held up at my sides, like my icon, grinning from ear to ear until I swooped in and scooped her up into my arms. She giggled. She likes to see people who are full of life. It reminds her of who she once was I think.

She had her navy blue cap on and I could see snow white curls bursting out from underneath it. She abhors her curls. How can anyone find curls despicable? She'd rather have an 'army cut' anyday.

In parting, she looked into my eyes and asked "Katia... how do I look to you?"

I looked at the deeply etched lines on her face, around her eyes, around her mouth, I looked right back into her eyes and said, "Mom... you look beautiful".

I was not lying.
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