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I Stay, I Go


21st December 2002

1:39pm: I want the worlds inhabitants to line up at my feet and one by one I will give them each a hug and I will be so completely in the hug, a deep unhurried kind of hug, I will be so thoroughly inside of that hug that no one would ever question or doubt again whether they were loved.

And then there could be peace.
1:49pm: bnh justed posted this in literaryquotes

"Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

~William Shakespeare.

Alone, this line could free us from ever suffering again.

The Buddha (Shakyamuni) is also quoted as saying this. It is the very foundation of the Buddhist doctrine of 'Emptiness'. It is our mind which creates joy and misery and sorrow- not anything external to us.

Very profound.

What do you think?
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