Katia (iamkatia) wrote,

There's something about bones....

In the car, on the way to dunun village, I was telling Melanie how I loved the clakkety clakk sound of the krin: krin It's a hollowed out log with slits that's traditionally played with 2 sticks and has different tones depending on where you strike it. That clakkety clakk sound always makes me think of bones. And I like that. I also mentioned to her that it would be great to actually play my krin with bones.

So, last night at our AFO rehearsal, she hands me 2 long thin bones!!!


She tells me they're from the ribs of a Sea Lion. A sea LION.


Could I be anymore grateful!??

I'm a wee bit concerned, however, that this is going to see me sailing over the edge of sanity into some psycho primal place that I may never return from.

Ahhh, what the hell.

See you on the other side....;)

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