Katia (iamkatia) wrote,

I swiped this link from verian


Substitute your user name at the end of link for an interpretation of your journal.

It changes every time you refresh and it's Mondo-Fun!

iamkatia's livejournal:

(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in iamkatia's journal.)

This is hell. So. I'm soooo also promise, live, I was actually fun: everyone in the scent way they were a Sea Lion Could I really nice but not some outside person turns towards a very good to Stay in Seattle, tomorrow, we have forgotten our friendship is a positive effect on the truth dream, and see that cause anger and Sunday drumming, and not begrudging it but you had no longer suffer. We don't scatter and see that there is there a very good deal of who we emerged into the edge of intelligences, and legs bouncing on the hell. That's how I see you had no longer Not getting what have a poet: when we don't scatter and always we have a Sea Lion.

-- iamkatia

Reminds me of the Beatles on acid.
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