Katia (iamkatia) wrote,

Day 3 of my Fast.

I'm fading fast guys! (not really but my story says so.)

Let's see, I haven't eaten since midnight on Sunday so that makes 58.5 hours of foodlessness.
(unless you count the teriyaki sauce I licked off of my nose when I begged Z to put a morsel there so I could smell it's savory lusciousness and he accidently (?) bonked me in the nostril with it! Yum!! bless you boy..)

It's actually going OK. I still feel fit and strong and my stomach has only growled a couple of times. I am THINKING about food alot though. Things like what will be my first full meal when all this ends Saturday morning?

Any suggestions?

PS: Heard this quote today and LOVE it:

"Be still and it will roll at your feet in ecstasy.." - Kafka.
( I believe he was referring to the universe.)

Ooooooooo, I like that word...ecstasy...

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