Katia (iamkatia) wrote,

tails and joe marvelous with my favorite puppy, leo.
i don't know why i love this photo so much.
i think co's it reminds me of an older version of the 'the little rascals'.
their expressions are priceless.
and, of course, the light.


how is everyone..?

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Doing well here, and glad to see your post!

But I miss your photos.

yea? :)

i'm still making lots of photos.
i don't know why i feel less inclined to post.
that will probably change once the weather turns
and i am indoors more often.

nice to hear my photos are missed, thanks luke. :)

hello beautiful!
thank you for sharing the photos- yes little rascals!
Well and you?
Have you been adventuring?

yes, yes, adventuring!
pretty constantly.
on the streets
with the kids
it's a completely different world.

and i know too well i will be stuck indoors
and back in school in no time at all.
i'm squeezing every drop of summer i can.

do you ever come into seattle, my belle?


10 years ago


August 21 2008, 15:22:24 UTC 10 years ago

getting over pneumonia. i miss your pictures, too!~paul

oh! take care of yourself, paul!

missing you!

that's how! (-:

and of course ... a few other things going on ... (-;

i'm grinning wide over here.
and very excited for you!!
soon so soon! :))
It does remind me of the little rascals. I really like the perspective on it too. Leo is such a fitting name for that dog too, looks so much like a little lion cub to me!

I am doing wonderful, thanks for asking!

leo is totally a hyena!!
i love him so much.

glad to hear yr wonderful.
are you staying in seattle then?
i'm doing a feed for all the kids at the park this friday (tomorrow!).
you and cam should come. :)

like the photo

me too. thanks. :)

very much an Our Gang feel to it :)

alive, yesss, very much so. :)
and you, how's yr life?


10 years ago

i adore this photo too :D

good! :))
and good to 'see' you. :)

Deleted comment

a book about the kids is definitely my long-term goal.
it feels very nebulous how this will all gel.
we'll see.
in any case i'm probably a couple of years away from that.

glad you're doing well, dear. :)

yay!! a post!!! a lovely innocent genuine pic :)

my flip!! *boingboing*

you said it perfectly. :*


10 years ago


August 22 2008, 01:35:16 UTC 10 years ago

Hey Katia, Miguel here :)

Nice moment..
I've been truly missing you and your photographs.
How's everything going? Are you coming back anytime soon?

Big hug *

coming back to where, dear?
thanks for keeping an eye on my work, miguel. :)


adoro esta, katia :)

so glad you do! :))*

I am fine. Moving from MI to TN in 10 days.

Really really excited for the change.

How are you?


wow, moving to a different state is a big thing.
is it for school?
hope all goes well!


10 years ago