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I Stay, I Go [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Aug 2007|05:41pm]

simple, quiet and pure...
like You.

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[15 Aug 2007|01:23pm]

I made this frame at a wedding with my old Canon Powershot Pro1.
I brought it along in case my D80 jammed or any other such disaster.
It's one of my favorite photos from the entire event.
The groom with his daughter.
Going in different directions.
A bit symbolic too.

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[07 Aug 2007|01:50pm]

and the reason
that i do not
fall into this

e.e. cummings

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[29 Jul 2007|05:03pm]

almost a year ago in a park in Portugal.
feeling nostallgic. :)

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[25 Jul 2007|02:55pm]


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[21 Jul 2007|12:52pm]

B & O Espresso cafe, Seattle.

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[19 Jul 2007|12:42pm]

walking by a nail salon. i love the smug look of the woman getting her nails done.

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[10 Jul 2007|09:22pm]

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[28 Jun 2007|10:23am]

"...blessed be those that let in light and air,
for in the light all things may be healed,
even the long desire for darkness..."


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[18 Jun 2007|10:23am]

we all have that monster in us.
some people keep it chained, some don't.
but where i come from you gotta let your monster out.


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[09 Jun 2007|01:48pm]


[05 Jun 2007|05:01am]

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[01 Jun 2007|08:37am]

so today is my birthday. :)
on this day i usually ask my lj friends to
leave me a favourite poem, song, image, quote..
something they Love.
something that moves them.
but today i don't want any of those things.
on this day i ask you to do something nice for someone else,
to extend an unexpected kindness to someone.
could be your partner, family member, friend
or better yet - a stranger.
and, if you like, you can share that with me.
it warms my heart to think that the world might be
a little bit nicer place to be today.

thank you all..


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[14 May 2007|03:03pm]

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[03 May 2007|12:41pm]

this is lauren.
she is one of many teenage runaways in seattle.
i took this photo of her beautiful face several weeks ago
and have been keeping my eye open for her downtown where the kids hang out to give her a print.
I recently ran into her friend, ali, who told me that lauren met an older man on the streets and took off from seattle with him.

jesus, lauren..
i hope you're okay.

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[30 Apr 2007|05:10pm]

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.

~ Rumi

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[21 Apr 2007|12:58pm]

I always see so many youtube posts on my friend's page and I never watch them.
But you should watch this... everyone should watch this.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche asks, "What About Me?"

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[20 Apr 2007|05:48pm]

my son, my teacher..

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[19 Apr 2007|08:38am]


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[15 Apr 2007|07:52pm]

my beautiful somalian friend, rashid.

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